12:Life in Grace

Key points:
  • This talk is more informational than theological.
  • This is the opportunity to introduce the idea of rule of life, and the concept of spiritual direction (“spiritual accompaniment”, “soul friend”…)
  • This is an opportunity to reflect on earlier talks to emphasise:1) the piety, study, action tripod2) the need for support and a framework as we go into the 4th Day
  • This is also an opportunity to talk about the availability of personal confession, remembering all may; some should; none must!
  1. Distribute and explain the rule of life cards.
  2. It’s important to see the rule of life as a self-created measuring stick, not an external regulation. As such it can be varied when circumstances change, but it is an aid to planning and assessing our spiritual life objectively.
  3. Similarly, we need to stress that spiritual direction is not about being told what to do, but about having someone who is to some extent ‘outside’ our day-to-day life, and can help us to reflect and plan for ourselves.

By this time in the Cursillo the participants may be growing weary or suffering from “input overload.” This is very unfortunate as this talk, along with 14:Group Reunion is hugely important in outlining what is the very heart of the Cursillo method. It really needs to be emphasised that this is now “getting down to brass tacks,” handing out the tools for the job to come.
With this in mind it can be helpful if these two talks are re-visited in some way at the beginning of the post-Cursillo phase, perhaps at the first Ultreya after a Cursillo.