Key points:
  • This talk is given by the Lay Rector, and is an opportunity to pull together any loose threads or fill any missing gaps in the previous fourteen talks.
  • The primary focus is on encouraging and enthusing our new pilgrims on their onward journey – Ultreya!
  1. Rather than a prepared talk like the rest, this talk is best prepared or at least completed over the course of the Cursillo.
  2. It may be helpful to confer with the Observing Lay Rector, Head Gopher and Spiritual Advisors for content.
  3. Pilgrims need to be assured that while some may have been deeply affected by the Cursillo experience, for others it may have been a gentler journey; but for all this has been a “mountain top” experience designed to equip us for “valley” duty.

It is very possible that we have been changed by our Cursillo experience, but the environments at home will, by and large, be just as we left them. It is all too easy to fall back into old ways and forget the new things we have found. We want to stress that pilgrims are not returning home just to their existing environments, but have a new dimension in their lives should they choose to avail themselves of it – the Cursillo community. There will be local and National Ultreyas, and other workshops and days of deeper understanding, but above all else is the regular Group Reunion. It is particularly helpful if the diocese has a mechanism to support and encourage new Cursillistas into Groups. Encourage new pilgrims to develop their own habit of evaluating everything that happens in their daily lives from the perspective of the three-legged stool: piety, study, action. We hope that the Cursillo will have opened eyes to the richer life that the Fourth Day has to offer, but they need to be reminded that our watchword Ultreya! means Persevere! Keep going! – and that requires effort and commitment together and individually. Be ready to make that promise: “Christ is counting on you – and I on him.”