Key points:
  • God has given us all an in-built curiosity, and a desire to learn
  • We learn through many ways – not just reading books
  • Study is not just for our own benefit – it equips us for service
  1. If we are living a life in piety we will be open to hearing what God wants to say and seeing what he wants to show us. This is study.
  2. God has created us in his image, with heads as well as hearts. He wants to help us grow in faith as his children. Opting out of expecting to learn because we don’t think we’re clever enough is to deny God’s handiwork in us.
  3. The Bible is vitally important to us as God’s written word, but study is not only Bible Study. We can learn from God through books, films and TV, sermons in church, conversations with others – the list is endless because God chooses unique ways to communicate with each of us. Not all study is through inanimate objects – we can learn from others about their response to God’s call to service.
  4. Piety alone is not enough to make us true disciples; but our piety leads us to be open to study what God is showing us, to equip us for useful, active service.
  5. This talk is not just an opportunity to tell everyone about the best book I’ve ever read!

The word study may well be as off-putting to your hearers as was piety. There will be those, of course, who relish reading and learning, but there will be others for whom the word conjures up painful memories of poor school reports or difficult impositions at work involving reams of paperwork. There is a delicate balance to be struck here between emphasising that study in this Cursillo context is a joyful, even playful exploration of new and exciting truths in our faith, and yet can best be taken advantage of through some level of order and planning. Reference to Bible study notes and Bible reading plans can help, but do beware of implying that study = Bible study: a plan to read a book or watch a series about any topic with a Christian dimension can be beneficial. Introducing the notion of organised study helps pave the way for the later talk on Group Reunion.