Online Resource Manual

The 2024 updated resource is available in THREE ways:

  • you can read each section online
  • you can download the text to insert or print in your own documents
  • you can download and print the section as an A5 booklet (pdf format)

Start by selecting and viewing online the section you need, and each page then has buttons with the options to download as a document or pdf file. N.B. – If you want to print the A5 booklet version, please be aware that it is set up as a series of A5 pages so you will need to select the appropriate printing options in your pdf viewer to print it in booklet format. In Adobe Acrobat for example you will need to select “File” then “Print,” and in the dialogue box select “Booklet.”

These booklets, which form the Resource Manual or Handbook for British Anglican Cursillo (BAC), are revised versions of the original documents gifted to BAC from the Episcopal Church of the USA in 1989. In the early to mid 2000s and again in 2013/4 They had been revised for basic differences between the Episcopal ways of doing things and for language alterations, but it became apparent that the booklets were not being read or used effectively. A major revision and rewording of the booklets was made by a group of experienced Cursillistas in 2017/8 and intended for use by Diocesan Cursillos in order to explain and guide such groups in the practicalities and use of the Cursillo method. We believe that this reflects best practice. In line with recent legal requirements there are also attached Guidelines and Policy Documents, particularly in regard to safeguarding, insurance and financial matters. It is recommended that any future reviews of these booklets refer back to the original documents received from the Episcopal Church of the USA, copies of which should be held by the BAC President.

Some of the documants have been further re-worked in 2024 to reflect new developments, including the shorter format weekend and some changes in terminology. Click on the links below to access each section.