BACC Licencing agreement

This is the text of the agreement between the British Anglican Cursillo Council And The National Secretariat of the United States Cursillo

This agreement was signed by both the President and Vice-President on behalf of BACC on the Fourth of April, 1989.

APPENDIX 1 Proper use of the name ‘CURSILLO’

The national Secretariat of the Cursillo Movement (Roman Catholic) in the United States of America has registered the name ‘Cursillo’ with the U.S. Patent Office, making it an official trademark. Cursillo movements which are in union with the British Anglican Cursillo Council are covered by the Licensing Agreement and entitled to use the name. Any movements not in union with British Anglican Cursillo 5Council or otherwise licensed by the National Secretariat of the Cursillo Movement (Roman Catholic) may not legally use the name.

To use the trademark properly and legally, all printed material such as newsletters, stationery, and publications must, in at least one easily seen place, use the name ‘CURSILLO’ in a type different from the surrounding type and indicate by * or the symbol ® that the name is registered. (For example, see the way it has been done on the cover of this leaflet, including the ® Regd US PATENT OFFICE in small typeface at the bottom of the page). This need not be done in the text of any articles nor more than once in any publication. If you have a distinctive logo (such as the Pilgrim’s Cross used by the National Episcopal Cursillo in the U.S.A.) it need not be altered as long as you show the trademark in another easily seen place.

Should the National Secretariat (Roman Catholic) wish to do so they could obtain injunctive relief from anyone using the name ‘Cursillo’ without permission. The Anglican Cursillo Council has a legal agreement to use the name. There is certainly a moral obligation for each of our diocesan movements to comply with the terms of our Agreement and to take whatever steps may be appropriate to comply as full as possible with the Agreement.

Additionally, it is useful to make clear somewhere that you are an Anglican Cursillo, or preferably to use the words “Affiliated with British Anglican Cursillo Council”. This will avoid any confusion with the Roman Catholic Cursillo in the United Kingdom.

Please either give this whole leaflet or at least make copies of this page and distribute them to your newsletter/ magazine editor and any others who have anything to do with printed materials in your movement. Further guidance on the preferred styles for BACC is given in the BACC leaflet ‘BACC Publications and Styles’.

APPENDIX 2 BACC and the Dioceses

BACC is the licensing and co-ordinating body for Cursillo operating within the Church of England, The Church in Wales, the Church of Ireland and the Scottish Episcopal Church. Membership of BACC requires the acceptance of the content and method laid down by the founders of Cursillo and the acceptance of the Constitution of BACC of which each Diocese is a member. Cursillo operates within a Diocese under the authority of a Diocesan Bishop. BACC supports Diocesan movements in all possible ways by the provision of literature, workshops, and advice on anything which falls within the remit of the licensing agreement.