What is BACC?

Cursillo Mission Statement

Cursillo is a movement of the church which offers a method by which Christians are empowered to grow through Prayer, Study and Action, and are enabled to share God’s love with all. Cursillo aims to encourage and sustain Christians in their discipleship and witness and to develop leaders.


BACC provides oversight of the Anglican Cursillo Movement in the Church of England, Scottish Episcopal Church and the Church in Wales.


  • To encourage and support new and existing Cursillo Dioceses
  • To ensure there is consistency in the use of the Cursillo method
  • To promote Cursillo nationally


Cursillo originated in the Roman Catholic Church in Spain spreading via USA to the UK, in 1981, and is now active in many parts of the world. Many dioceses in England, Scotland and Wales have an active Cursillo community. All dioceses using Cursillo must be affiliated to BACC.

BACC Structure

The following officers are elected by affiliated dioceses:

  • President (lay)
  • National Spiritual director (Vice president – ordained)
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

BACC Standing committee which carries out the work of the council includes the above plus:

  • Up to 9 elected Area Reps from the affiliated dioceses
  • Co-opted members with specific remit e.g. CLW convenor, website master

BACC council meetings

There are two full council meetings a year. Meetings include some worship, teaching and Cursillo business. Each diocese can cast one vote for any decision in the business meeting. Every diocese should send the following three officers from the diocesan secretariat. If deputies are present they would need a written proxy if they are to cast the diocesan vote:

  • Diocesan Lay director
  • Diocesan Spiritual Director
  • Diocesan BACC representative

What does BACC do?

BACC produces and updates all the guidelines, manuals, maintains the BACC website and sponsors the Cursillo Leaders Workshops. BACC is required to ensure consistency and authenticity of Cursillo across the UK, ensuring it fulfils its mission and objectives.

BACC Register

BACC holds the register of all officers on BACC and on diocesan Cursillo secretariats

BACC Resources

BACC materials are available from the BACC Resources officer. These include:- • Manuals (BACC guidelines) • Handbooks for lay and clergy talks for the Cursillo three day weekends • Group reunion cards • Cursillo badges

BACC Pages

“BACC Pages” Is a quarterly newsletter and magazine produced by BACC available on the website

BACC – here to help

The National President, National Spiritual Director and all the Standing Committee are available to help. Contact details can be found on the BACC website www.anglicancursillo.uk . Specifically they will come to support the dioceses in things like Days of Deeper Understanding, Clergy Taster Days, Regional Ultreya, gifting of Cursillo to a new diocese and are open to being invited to other events.